What is a companion?

A companion is defined in the dictionary as “someone that you spend time with often.”

Loneliness is an ever growing problem around the world, and the reality is that many people don’t have a companion.

With an ageing population and people working longer days and later in life, older relatives unfortunately suffer as a result of this and can become isolated. There is a proven link between loneliness and dementia that is well documented.

What is the solution?

Care companies will normally charge £22-£30 per hour for care or other visits, and will only attend for a very short window, often 15-30 minutes. They also focus on personal care primarily, with companionship being an afterthought.

Whilst better than nothing, this means the individual can be left wanting more.

At Senior Help, our low hourly rate of just £16 per hour means you can afford more hours, and increase the amount of company that your loved one receives.

You can be assured that your loved ones companion will be:

  • Subject to a thorough vetting and selection process, including DBS checks and home visits
  • Dedicated to them – so they see the same face every visit.
  • Friendly, well paid and reliable – we always aim to place local people
  • Happy to chat and spend time together, or take your loved one out for some fresh air, take them shopping, do general household chores, or pretty much anything else.

We care for people, and only introduce companions to your loved ones that genuinely care, and those we would trust with our own loved ones.

To find out more how we can assist with companionship, and a range of other services, request a callback or phone us today to learn more.

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