Respite 24-hour non-medical care

What is respite care?

Our main service is that of companionship provided during the day and evening, giving a sense of routine and purpose to our wonderful clients.

A rapidly growing area for us is that of 24-hour non-medical  support, in other words in a live-in service, giving the person round the clock support, whenever they need it. Whether it is for a period of transformation whilst your loved one is released from hospital, or respite care, we can help you.

Why should I consider this option over a care home?

There are a number of reasons that you may consider live-in non-medical care for respite periods over a care home, including but not limited to the following:

Quality of care – in many care homes, time will be limited with carers spread thinly between residents. This live-in option ensures one to one support. Your live-in companions time is focused on your loved on and their needs only – nobody else. If your loved one has a pet – no problem. Your live-in companion can walk it and care for it also, meaning your loved one doesn’t have to part with it.      

Dedicated support – Care homes have many different staff members, which can lead to differing standards and methods of delivering the support to your loved one. Our delivery ensures consistent delivery, which is especially important in cases of dementia.

What would your live-in companion require for this setup to work?

  • A comfortable and clean bed
  • Access to bathroom facilities
  • Some space within their bedroom to store some personal belongings.
  • A door to their bedroom to allow some privacy

Bonuses would include internet access and a television to watch their own shows during downtime, but these are not essential like the aforementioned requirements.

To find out more how we can assist with companionship, and a range of other services, request a callback or phone us today to learn more.

Respite 24-hour non-medical care 2